UNIT 2, Part 2 (TOEFL Preparation Debhorah Phliph)

by Jamilatul Istiqomah, Januari 03, 2016
PART B TOEFL rasio exercise skill eighteen throught twenty two in this exercise You will hear the information that you learn skills eighteen to twenty two Conversation one Question one throught four Listen to a man asking a woman for direction Man : Can you tell me how to get music building from here, I have a Lecture to attend there Woman : Owh, are you new to campus ? Man : yes, I just got Here Lastnight Woman : Well, to get the music building, you have two choices, if you want go right now you can walk straight down the street until you pass a command and then turn right the music building will be straight ahead Man : How long will it to take get there ? Woman : About 20 minutes Man : What’s my other choice ? Woman : If you don’t mind waiting around for a while you can take a shuttle bus, the bus only takes about five minutes to get there Man : But I have wait for the bus ? Woman : That’s right Man : Well, I guess I may just a while walk 1. Where does the man what to go ? 2. How many different roads to the music building does the woman suggest ? 3. What does the problem wait taking the shuttle bus ? 4. What does the man finnaly the side to do ?
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