Practice Test Part A (TOEFL Preparation Debhorah Philiph)

by Jamilatul Istiqomah, Januari 03, 2016
Long main preparation course for the TOEFL test valium be practice test second decion by Dabore Philips publish by long main. this is recording for practice test one if you are having difficull think here recording making necessery in valium on your side or noun tekss book direction news book in this recording. practice one secsion one listening comprehension in this section of the test, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to understand conversations and talks in English. there are three parts to this section. Answer all the questions on the basis of what is stated or implied by the speakers you hear. Do not take notes or write in your test book at any time. Do not turn the pages until you are told to do so. PART A, Direction in Part A you will hear short conversations between two people. after each converrsation, you will hear a question about the conversation. the conversations and questions will hear a question will not be repeated. after you hear a question read the four possible answers in your test book and choose the best answer then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen. Listen to an example sample Answer. On the recording, you hear Man : That exam was just awful. Woman : Oh, itcould have been worse. Narrator : What does the Woman mean ? in your test book, you read A) The exam was really awful. B) It was the worst exam she had ever seen C) It couldn't have been more difficult D) It wasn't that hard you learn from the conversation that the man thought the exam was very difficult and that the woman disagreed with the man. the best answerto the question, what does the woman mean ? is (D) "It wasn't that hard. Therefore, the correct choice is D go on the next page first conversation 1. man : Is really more typing paper womman : not I do not know Narrator : what does the man mean ? 2. man : what the matter you know Woman : I was made by a loud noise Narrator : what does the woman mean ? 3. man : Look this very it work !! Woman : Well had you type clean Narrator : Where does the conversation probably in the place ? 4. woman : Is think welcome sains project man : She prefer not group project Narrator : What does mean say about ? 5. woman : Been working long ? man : Not really last week Narrator : What does the man mean ? 6. man : Did amy really preparation exam ? woman : exam did to Narrator : What does the woman mean ? 7. woman : How often watch television ? man : two week Narrator : what does the man mean ? 8. woman : At light personal manager at place man : Had been to night clook would you like make it the partner Narrator : What about the man probably do ? 9. woman : Bob what you doing terrible ? man : I keep reading and just done palled Narrator : What does about profesion ? 10. man : Television cost fifty dollar woman : Fifty dollars is to much fortune Narrator : What does the woman imply ? 11. woman : Can you tell me to get many administrision building man : Adminstration going the book store …………… Narrator : What does man mean ? 12. man : This is …………… tonight do you want go woman : Good idea I have …………… long time Narrator : What the woman probably do ? 13. woman : Greg …………… hurry quit man : And a minute to soon Narrator : What does man mean ? 14. woman : Did you sally assigment I know did what to do it Man : I …………… sally assigment Narrator : What does the man mean ? 15. Woman : Can you should me news word the prossesor man : I …………… Know new try Narrator : What does the woman mean ? GO ON THE NEXT PAGE 16. woman : I hope you are able to be really product today man : So hard get any work done Narrator : What does the man mean ? 17. man : Have you seen the school play ? Woman : Seen,I’ve the role on the ground Narrator : What does the man mean ? 18. Woman : Did marker you every …………… …………… man ; She had looking dictionary Narrator : What the man said about the bridge ? 19. Womman : …………… Watch the movie to night, do you want watched ? Man : No at the same time as that begin Narrator : what does the man imply ? 20. Man : Does everyone …………… has laundry Woman : Pat's this it minding the laundry no wash Jim Narrator : What does the woman mean ? 21. Woman : I can believed snowing again today Man : Two week with it changing weather Narrator : What does the man mean imply ? 22. Man : The book store get teks for America history for the exam next two week womman : Yes,friend because a new …………… …………… Narrator : What does the woman mean ? 23. womman : I hope you enjoyed the movie man : It couldn't move any further Narrator : What does the man mean ? 24. Man : Night signing leases …………… Womman : She said you light to signing …………… …………… Narrator :What the concluded about she ? 25. Man : Are you going necessary …………… this afternoon Woman : Couldn't have to go Narrator : What does the woman mean ? 26. womman : Lucky tom that bought get new car Man : Lucky I had the buy because you …………… the accident Narrator ; What does the man mean ? 27. Man : At the first the month …………… womman : OK take care of this month Narrator : What does the woman mean ? GO ON THE NEXT PAGE 28. Man : Where the news …………… book about ? Woman : So you did remeber there want to do borrow it Narrator : What head the woman assume ? 29. Womman : Did you pay the light …………… company on time Man : Had, we had alredy paid rigt now Narrator : What does the man mean ? 30. Man : I talk that were having it exam today Womman : Did you hear …………… …………… about really message about it Narrator : What does the woman imply to the man ? PART A THE END.
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