Listening Section Part A (TOEFL preparation Deborah Philiph)

TOEFL rasio exercise skill one to seventeen in this exercise listen carefully to the short conversation and question in the recording and then choose the best answer to the question !!! 1. woman : what you put there's some wodden fireplace Man : I have to bring some in from outside Narattor : What does the man imply ? 2. Man : Elles, I think you work late to night Womman : I was apuse to but my conference was call out of Narattor : what happen to elles ? 3. Womman : why carring the water Man : they leave car motion moven the direcion Narrator : what the does conversation probably take place ? 4. Woman : what you join opening evening at the night of club ? Man : I was where they went have been more room have been dance floor Narrator : what the does man mean ? 5. Man : I just sent of the letter you wrote woman : then new did good with figures sent have done the fax machine Narrator : what had the womman zoom the man ? 6. Womman : I guess you buy thatnew car Man : And you hitten a long head Narrator : What does the man mean ? 7. Womman : is that your research paper for englishlate ? Man : yes,all it almost finished, can you think looked for me ? Narrator : What does the man work ? 8. Man : Is everyone gettedinform ? Womman : Know one is aware the situation Narrator : what does the woman mean ? 9. Womman : Did you sleep well last night ? Man : if fail alarm so loud, I won't never woke up Narrator : what does the man mean ? 10. Womman : I got knowpolly life the story in the news about the problem with the Air plane Man : yeah I sad to the pilot was forced leave landing plan of view field Narrator : what does the man mean ?

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